Interdisciplinary research programme on Ancient Drama

Since the 1970s, research on ancient drama has been focusing primarily on directing and acting. However, given that the current era calls for a fresh, renewed perspective on ancient texts, it is imperative that we reconsider the question of dramaturgy, define it in new terms and experiment with new forms. With that in mind, the Athens Epidaurus Festival launches Parodos, an interdisciplinary residency programme, giving the opportunity to a group of artists with diverse backgrounds in performing arts to explore dramaturgical approaches to ancient Greek drama under ideal conditions and in situ.

Rather than being aimed at individual artists, the programme is intended for a complete group of artists of up to twelve (12) people, consisting of a director, dramaturg, choreographer, composer, visual artist, and performers. The group may already be existing or may be formed specifically for this programme. The group will be selected through an open call, and will be asked to develop its dramaturgical perspective, with the support of a dynamic group of mentors. The research process will be hands-on and will unfold in two stages: the first stage (“Research”, May 20th – 31st, 2021) will take place in Athens, whereas the second stage (“Implementation”, June 1st – 19th, 2021) will be held at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus.

Participation is free of charge



Dramaturgy Stefanie Carp Dramaturg, Artistic Advisor of the Athens Epidaurus Festival

Musical composition Thanasis Deligiannis Composer, Director, Performer

Voice, Rhythm, Polyphony: Technique and improvisation Georgia Tenta Musician, Performer

Dance / Movement Amalia Bennett Dancer, Choreographer

Research associate  Helene Varopoulou Theatre Researcher, Critic


Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change