Dimitris Mytilinaios


Three iconic, short choreographic works – L’après midi d’un faune (Paris, 1912), Grand pas classique (Paris, 1949) and Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux (New York, 1960) are scrutinized, analyzed and reconstructed as a choreographic collage, forming a new whole.

Repair is a quartet focusing on the notion of pas de deux, familiar to us through the history of ballet. The ambiguous title, Repair, primarily denotes an intention of “restoring” what a “dance duet” means today, taking into account the topical debate on gender identities. At the same time, as a pun, the title implies a re-pairing, as the duet here is actually performed by four dancers!

Despite the clear reference to historical sources, nothing is taken for granted. Every element used is differentiated from its original source, neither describing it nor representing it. Ballet is not approached as a form of movement but as a system revealing the dance situation to the performers. With meticulous technical precision and detail, the famous music works and choreographies are presented in a new “orchestration”. As such, a new relationship between them is forged, as composite aspects of the present piece.

grape Greek Agora of Performance is an exciting new initiative by the Athens Epidaurus Festival aiming to establish a platform for Greek artists to communicate with the international Theatre and Dance scene, giving them the opportunity to present their works to representatives and artistic directors of international festivals and cultural institutions abroad. The platform presents 14 new productions in two periods: 3 – 8 July & 18 – 22 July.

grape is open to the general public and is part of the main artistic programme of the Athens Epidaurus Festival. The performances included are also scheduled on dates outside the duration of the platform.

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