Elias Hadjigeorgiou

A kinetic allegory about fear

The choreographic work Scared by Elias Hadjigeorgiou addresses the timeless but always topical issue of fear. The booming of technological advancement and the challenge against traditional ideologies, the unknown is closer to us today than ever before as humanity stands uneasy in the face of tomorrow. Isolating on one’s own screens that shape an increasingly distorted version of reality and absence of physical contact create a new ‘community’ lacking actual osmosis between people, empathy, solidarity. The old heroes may be dying but the new ones are also being rapidly dismantled by the mass and social media. And while we coexist, we do not know each other. We are scared of each other but we are scared of ourselves.

Exploring the symptoms of fear, always inspired by and employing street dance kinetic devices, this performance attempts to approach the physical expressions of fear; to feel for the daily movement of a scared society, that is our society.