Mario Banushi

Taverna Miresia* – Mario, Bella, Anastasia



One of the most successful performances of the 2023 artistic programme, Taverna Miresia – Mario, Bella, Anastasia, returns to Peiraios 260.

An up-and-coming young artist, born in 1998, the Albanian-born Mario Banushi uses his own memories as dramaturgical means and transforms them into a ritual of purification.

A neon restaurant sign in a Tirana suburb sheds light to the history of a family. An unexpected incident under the light of this sign has a crucial effect on Mario’s life. Years later, now an adult, director Mario Banushi, who had been traveling from Greece to Albania for years to meet his family and return to the family taverna, now carries that same sign from Tirana to Athens, placing it at the center of the world he creates on stage. Through a performance, he welcomes his memories and nostalgia in order to confront the absence of his father who recently passed away; the cook and taverna owner who used to welcome customers every night.

As the performance unfolds, the sign unfurls a series of emotions, a melody of unspoken sentiments, fragments and memories, the poetry of things left unsaid. It embodies a profound farewell to the father, the custodian of the taverna’s secrets, and a warm embrace of adulthood, amidst the existential riddles that accompany the passage of years.

* Miresia is Albanian for kindness

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