Jazz At The Platea

Terry’s Quartet

The Platea, the outdoor space connecting Halls A, B, E, and H at Peiraios 260, will come alive again this year, thanks to the highly successful “Jazz at the Platea” mini festival that was launched last year, keeping us company during the Festival evenings.

Singer Terry Vakirtzoglou presents her latest project as part of the Jazz at the Platea event. The quartet comprises a group of accomplished musicians, each of whom has carved out their own path in the Greek jazz scene. This concert marks the first time they all come together to perform. The programme will include some of Terry’s old and new compositions from her first album, Qualia, and the second one, soon to be released, Permathea, alongside arrangements from beloved jazz songs.

Five unique jazz ensembles, under the artistic supervision of accomplished saxophone player Dimitris Tsakas, will invite us to a jazz celebration, with free admission for everyone, after the end of performances. The programme will run in parallel to the entire Peiraios 260 programme, from June to July 20th.