Giorgos Koutlis

The Dog, the Night, and the Knife
by Marius von Mayenburg

A splatter, comical nightmare, a paranoid and gory fun ride, alluding to our preposterous reality. Up-and-coming Greek director Giorgos Koutlis, who captivated Athenian audiences with his frantic production of Gogol’s The Gamblers, will now present a contemporary play penned by Schaubühne’s provocative dramatist Marius von Mayenburg.

“M” finds himself in an abandoned cul-de-sac. He has no idea how he got there. The only thing he remembers is eating mussels. Night falls. By dawn, “M” will have been stabbed, stabbed others, come across people who wish to devour him, experienced time standing still. It is only at the finale that he finally stops being afraid.

With English surtitles / Greek surtitles on opening night for persons with hearing impairment