Eleana Tsichli

The Seven Madmen
Based on the novel by Roberto Arlt


A secret organization of “Seven Madmen” comes together under the guidance of an “Astrologer”: a grotesque conspiracy of world domination, rife with extreme ideological views and delusions. Written in 1929, shortly before the Wall Street Crash and the Argentine coup d'état, Arlt’s novel introduces us to a world of violence and terrorism, dominated by dystopian machines, the fantasy of easy money, and a proclivity for illegal activities and crime. With the shadow of totalitarianism looming large, amid revolutionary theories seething at the time, the “Madmen”, directly alluding to Dostoevsky’s characters, paint a grim picture of humanity against the background of a vast metropolis; humanity as a disposable component in automated production lines, crushed beneath an explosive mixture of ennui and despair.

Seven actors build a community on stage, shedding light to a timely story that foregrounds the philosophical implications of Arlt’s novel, while also highlighting the theatre stage as the birthplace of a timeless “we”; a new kind of Chorus.

With English surtitles / Greek surtitles on opening night for persons with hearing impairment

July 26: Post-performance talk with Eleana Tsichli. Moderated by Elli Gavriil.