Efi Birba

The Frogs
by Aristophanes

A comedy with the DNA of a tragedy

Athens is in a deep political and spiritual crisis, a crisis of ethics and values. Amid the arid and ominous reality of the polis, Dionysus, father and initiator of the theater, embarks on a journey to the underworld to bring back poetry, the seed of rebirth, and save the collapsing world. Accompanied by Xanthias and the noise of frogs, through several comic and paradoxical encounters, he reaches Hades to resurrect the Poet. The one who can confront the impending catastrophe.

The weaknesses of the living and the dead emerge through the cracks of the play’s comical vein, while the foul waters of reality are shaken. With the vision of the great idea of saving the world, Dionysus’ descent into Hades becomes simultaneously a descent into the mechanism of the theater itself. Following the trail of Dionysus, the performance in turn seeks to reach the core of theatrical creation.