Yota Argyropoulou - blindspot theatre group


Fourteen adolescents take to the stage and guide us towards the future! Between the December 2008 riots in Greece, ecological marches and protests around the world, Fridays for Future, #blacklivesmatter, and Occupy Wall Street, youths have been generating new patterns of participation and political involvement. Having completed a multi-layered educational programme as part of the Open Plan platform, the teenage participants of Youthquake will now take over Peiraios 260, recounting their lives, habits, tastes, and social discontent for the world they are inheriting.

An original work under the guidance and with the collaboration of the blindspot theatre group, seeking to shake things up artistically and share a powerful experience with the audience. A performance featuring both adolescents and professional actors for audiences of all ages; a moving journey of openness and honesty.

July 20: Post-performance talk with Yota Argyropoulou. Moderated by Elli Gavriil.