Ayelen Parolin



To the sounds of Strauss’ Blue Danube, three performers on stage are trying to find their footing and get in tune with each other in a game of ever-changing rules. Their persistence to completing the work, disregarding a decomposing set, is almost heart-rending.

Employing humour and self-mockery, the award-winning Argentinean choreographer Ayelen Parolin, who has been living and working in Europe since 2000, orchestrates in ZONDER a cheerful nightmare, a choreographic shenanigan that is open to all possibilities. Against the obsession over being goal-focused, finding meaning, a beginning and an end to everything, against contemporary Western society’s logocentrism, Paroline suggests that we defy the fear of failure and firmly embrace our mistakes. With ZONDER she creates an ode to the absurd, the unhelpful, the unintentional –a rare union of contemporary dance with comedy.

29 June Post-show talk with the artists.