Susanne Kennedy & Markus Selg

ANGELA (a strange loop)


What is the nature of reality? How is the self constructed? What does it mean to be human? In an attempt to answer these questions, Susanne Kennedy collaborates with the visual artist Markus Selg and puts a woman suffering from a disease under the microscope, scrutinizing every moment in one’s life from birth to death.

Here with her signature post-humanist, futuristic aesthetics, Kennedy explores the dynamic relationship between the human body, technology, and art in the post-pandemic age. A darkly poetic approach to the fundamental questions of existence, identity, and consciousness through the lens of illness.

One of the most important creators of her generation, a regular collaborator of Volksbühne, Susanne Kennedy was introduced to the Greek audience at the Athens Epidaurus Festival 2019 with the performance Virgin Suicides.