Caroline Guiela Nguyen


Portrait Caroline Guiela Nguyen © Manuel Braun


An haute couture house receives an unusual order: to make the wedding dress of a princess of the royal family of England. For eight months, various people –the dressmaker in Paris, the lace weaver in Normandy, the embroiderer in Mumbai– work on the secret project, unaware of what the final product will be. They all pledge not to reveal a single thing. And yet on stage we watch their fate and their dreams unfold.

Caroline Guiela Nguyen, whom we met at the Festival in 2019 with the enchanting Saigon and in 2021 with FRATERNITY, A Fantastic Tale, weaves upon the toilsome process of creation a story about violence, both institutional and domestic, and about the tears that lie behind beauty.

Lacrima is the first act of a planned repertory of works that will form a ‘contemporary history of tears’.