ANTIGONISMS / Series of discussions

Performances and Performers
Curated by Dionysis Kapsalis

There is no other female figure in ancient Greek drama on a par with Antigone, able to extend to her moral stature and sublimity. She is the heir of Prometheus in the realm of human freedom; the Maiden who willingly descents to Hades sanctifying the cycle of life; the Woman who articulates her discourse against the dominant male discourse.

Nevertheless, this explains why there has been no era that did not bow in awe and respect, admiration and wonder, to the allure of Antigone in philosophy, art, literature, theatre, or music.

The Athens Epidaurus Festival holds a series of lectures and discussions, split into four thematic units (Resistance and Gender, Law and Justice, Performances and Performers, Visions and Revisions), featuring speakers from the entire range of Humanities as well as the world of Theatre, the Arts and Letters.

Performances and Performers

An open discussion on Antigone cannot but include her experience as has been enacted on stage. The Festival brings together some of the most important Greek Antigone performers of the past two decades so that we draw from their experience a few snapshots from the personality of a girl who decides to take action, thus testing the limits of individual freedom within a state of law.



Eleni Ouzounidou, Lena Papaligoura, Vasiliki Troufakou, Anastasia Rafaella Konidi, Evelyn Assouad, Kitty Paitazoglou


Moderated by

Grigoris Ioannidis, theatre critic


7 June Resistance and Gender


22 June Performances and Performers


30 June Law and Justice


12 July Visions and Revisions