An Athens Epidaurus Festival and Drama International Short Film Festival collaboration

The Drama Short Film Festival on the Road

The Drama International Short Film Festival, which includes a national, an international, and a student competition, has been a significant hub for artistic communication and cinematic knowledge and experience sharing. As a key institution for the promotion and dissemination of short films in Greece and southeastern Europe, it also is a gateway for filmmakers to showcase their work at a European and an international level. Every year the DISFF receives more than 2,000 applications. The “best” of them get the chance to be presented in Greek cities and abroad through participation to many important international and national events. This year’s programme will include the screening of award-winning short films of the last few years, encompassing two themes: “Freedom” and “Woman and Society”.


“Woman and Society”

"From the Balcony" (12΄)

"Brutalia, Days of Labour "(26΄)

"Horsepower" (15΄)

"Bella" (24΄)

"Premier Amour" (15΄)



"Motorway 65" (15΄)

"Creatures of the Night" (15΄)

"Souls All Uncompanied" (24΄)

"Vouta" (18΄)

"Escaping the Fragile Planet" (17΄)

And a surprise screening…


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